UC Davis Large Lecture Hall

  • Owner: Coast Community College District
  • Location: Orange Coast College, Costa Mesa, Ca
  • Description: New 12,124 sq. ft. Planetarium Building on the Orange Coast College Campus (Includes 100 seat Planetarium Theater, an Exhibit Ares, and a 60 ft. tall Foucault Pendulum Tower.

Project includes fabrication and installation of the following items:
• Structural Steel Framing (columns, beams, braces, girts, etc.)
• Buckling-Restrained Braces
• Stairs
• Handrails & guardrails
• Steel ladders
• Concrete embeds
• AESS Steel Framing
• Structural Mock-Up Frame


This project contains some logistical challenges because it is on a very tight site in the middle of an active University Campus. Deliveries had to be coordinated precisely because there are only specific times trucks can be received and the jobsite was not large enough to allow for all the steel to be delivered and shook out.

This project also included design and engineering of a mock-up structure that needed to incorporate many of the structural conditions found in the lecture hall building scaled down into a very small footprint. The mock-up structure was used by the design team to test the buildings finishes ensuring that moisture and wind would not affect the building.

AESS components were also a crucial part of the structure since there are numerous steel columns, cabana beams, and eyebrow features that are exposed in the final construction.